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Re: Cost of materials

I like the suprises that arrive by working from materials acquired by chance(scrap-yards, dumpsters, demolition sites, roadside discard, etc). I like it better when the ideas occur AFTER the materials are there. I want my work to be like Frankenstein monsters, pulled together out of misfortuned matter.
This is much more difficult now as steel is not just lying around anymore. People used to pay me to take away heavy steel, now I pay to take it. It changes the whole creative process - I'm being too picky; having to pay for it and all. I pay 60 apound for brand new steel and 30 for the scrap (and keeps going up). Its just wrong. It has caused my process to become regretfully calculated. If I don't watch out I'll end up making something attractive that someone might want to own. If I'm gonna spend money I might as well just go stainless and aluminum - make it pretty, friendly and expensive, become somebody new. Maybe its for the better.
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