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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

Learning something seems a lot better than fumbling around at the time you need it. I can draw because I love to do it. The human form is pretty basic and repetitive. Once you learn basic anatomy you can apply it to every figure. You can manipulate it as you please. I think most artists can draw anything except the human form. That scares most people. That is what I love best. Not that I've mastered it but that is what I am compelled to do. I'm working at sculpting right now and the lessons I learned in drawing are most important to me in doing the human form. So I guess if you are going to sculpt graceful, realistic bodies it would help to know where things go. That doesn't mean that if you have a model standing in front of you , you couldn't just "copy" her. But if you know anatomy already you are much freer to put your heart into it and not have to manipulate and manipulate and manipulate. I guess I'm saying, knowledge is freedom. If you are an abstract artist you probably get the feeling of grace and get to express it without the pull of realism to distract you. I admire abstract and realist art. Some more than others. We all know what we like and if it works for you don't mess with it. But what do I know? Scout
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