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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

To me it is all about what I enjoy. I have created some pieces that no one else "understood". After a while it bothered me to hear too much of how others "don't understand art", because that meant they could not enjoy it, appreciate it or be inspired by it.

I believe I create art first for myself, and then for others. If it is only for me, or only for others, I am not fulfilling my quest as an artist. To solve this block in my creativity, I changed to realism a few years ago, and feel a whole lot better, with no regrets. But that does not mean there are not abstractions in my work. Realism at its best is not a slavish copy. A true artist finds a way to interpret it in some sort of beautifull expression.

My hope is that people will gather something of value from my work long after I am gone, that it will communicate something to inspire without having to think too hard.

The thought comes to mind, that if I could put something in a time capsule, for future generations, would they be able to see clearly what I am leaving for them about our human civilization?
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