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Re: Is anybody making any money

Originally Posted by Biomorph View Post
One thing you said aside from your main point particularly interests me. That is, that you had looked at sculpture on the net for ideas and inspiration. I would love to know how many of the community members would be willing to indicate whether they regularly look at the net sculpture pics for any reason [or whether they would regard it as an admission against interest or pride.]
There are a large number of sites that give a good look into what's out there, including ISC, but also commerical sites such as Saachi, Artspan, Artnet as well as the material from Google images.
I think that surveying the scene is important because part of art itself seems now to be the very fact of the proliferation of increasingly diverse shapes, forms, and concepts. I sometimes wonder whether the myriad of images are following or leading the art. I'll note that over history the best artists never have hesitated to look, listen, and compare with other artists of their time.
Hi Bio,
I suppose there are many artists who check out otherīs work, without feeling diminished in any sense. Admiring the greatness of other artists is a nourishing practice in my view. As unique a work of any artist may appear, it is just a discovery of whatīs already there. How he interprets reality or ilusions, which are at the end the same, may vary, but I find it difficult to use the term " he or she creates...". Seems more appropiate to say "he or she discovers..." so part of the creative process is peeping into nature, our mind, and whatīs already out there, I think...
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