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Hello My Free 3d Youtube Course Might Help!

Hello all,
Firstly, I haven't been here for a while and want to get a new account so I can use my proper name, I tried but didn't get an e mail back.
Also, I am spending a lot of time working on new art 2d and 3d and also making some youtube and other paid videos to share some of my knowledgebase.
I am working on a video now on how 3d printing etc can be used with sculpture.
I have also just made one which is a workthrough using 3ds max, sketchbook pro and traditional drawing, how I mix these together. The work I make in this one is only 2d but at least the 3d part using 3ds Max could be useful.
Anyway, I hope some of it might help you if you are interested and want to learn new technologies-
I am also going to do a video very soon about how to use the free open source softwares for 3d animation Blender
and Krita
Questions or comments would be great here and also on the youtube channel itself. I hope to post more here when I work out how to get a new profile so I can call it by my name and not my older 3d graphics service!
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