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Guggenheim Bilbao or The Reina Sofia, Madrid?

I have visited both, Reina Sofia in Madrid lots of times, Gugger once recently.

While I found the Guggenheim had amazing exhibits, it felt more like a tourist destination where people went to just see the building. It is a lot more expensive to get in too. The Reina Sofia has amazing work of course too.

So what I want to ask, if anyone has been or by just looking at each museum online, what do you feel makes a successful art museum design?

I feel that for me the Reina Sofia is more successful and 'frames' the work.
I find the Guggenheim in my opinion is battling with the exhibits and trying to be a sculpture in itself.

I used to be a major fan of the Guggenheim at Art School, I never visited it,
seeing it in reality for me was a bit dissapointing.

Obivously it is an interesting buidling though!
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