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Re: Inspired by Michelangelo

Thanks for your input, sorry for the late reply but I am traveling at the moment. I think that the example of the hair is wonderful, I have studied the way J.B. Carpeaux sculpted hair but I was unable to duplicate the effect, I thought that perhaps I could fashion a special tool in order to make the hair look like that but to this point I have been not been able to get a good result. However, I have realised that I need to concentrate on this area if I want to "get it right" and I certainly think that your point is valid.

The armature is home built in steel, and I would be glad to share the design with you and suggest improvements to the design if it would be helpful. I think that Jason is definately right, the figure does not seem to sink into the fabric as the bottom supporting piece was created seperately from the figure. I have learned from all the feed back that I must pay allot more attention to the problems that arise from creating a piece in two parts, I don't know how I would sculpt the clay differently as I like to be able to work the under the figure as well so I need to pay more attentin to joining the two parts.
Let me know if you should want the design for a one quarter life size armature. I can't seem to enter any larger photos due to the memory size restrictions.
Regards Blake
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