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Re: direct modeling without an armature: can i do it with wax?

Originally Posted by rickb
whoa, interesting, voluminous thread. Not sure, maybe someone covered this already:

- you are eventually going to cast the piece in bronze
- dont want the wax to slump while modelling or being handled in the foundry
- do want some ability to reshape, tweak the work as you go
- and have some up-front idea of the shape of the work (e.g a human figure, long tall thing, etc)

Then try making a copper wire "skeleton" armature that is completely internal to the modelled wax. It provides some rigidity, can be bent/formed as you go. During the foundry process it mixes with the molten bronze (which is mostly copper anyway).

-- RB

PS I've never done this personally, but am told it works
Rick - I think this probably would work, based on things my long-term founder has told me. Thin pieces of wood within the wax, such as popsicle sticks, thin barbeque rods, and so on, will burn out with the wax and present no problem. He and/or other people I know, have cast pine cones, crab shells, bits of plastic or fabric, and other things with low combustion requirements.

[And, let me remind people, that while this is good place to continue posting on the subject of wax-casting and similar subjects, the thread on philosophy and sculpture has moved, and posts on that subject should continue there. (With thanks.)

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