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Re: direct modeling without an armature: can i do it with wax?

Fritchie has good advice as usual. Some aditional thoughts...
You didn't say what you intend to do with the wax. Is it for bronzing, or are you just modeling for the sake of practicing and have no intention of making a permanent piece? If you want to just practice, I would suggest just using plasteline clays which will never dry out and are easy to model. True they would need an armature, but a simple figure armature can be made or bought out of pliable aluminum wire which can be bent and remodeled at any time - so you are not chained to a rigid form. Wax can be used, but without an armature, you'd have to use pretty stiff wax which is difficult to model in my opinion. Of course with a small wax figure without an armature, you will save the moldmaking process if you want to have a one of a kind bronze made of it.
Another option is to use water based clay which can be used as an armature in itself. Just shape the "skeletal core" and let it stiffen (but not dry out), then you can add limbs and support them with popsicle sticks or whatever until they are stiff, then you can add fresh clay to the core and it will be supported. The negative side of this will be that the piece will be fairly fragile, must be kept moist, and will be rigid at the core and not easy to make adjustments. On the up side, you can fire it without having to remove tha armature and you will have a permanent piece with no moldmaking.
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