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Re: Picault Sculpture

In volume three of " Bronzes Sculptors and Founders " by Berman, figure 2468 is called " Le Fer" ( The Sword )by Emile Louis Picault " However, it is 25" tall and is a completely different composition than yours. The blacksmith in this one is standing next to his anvil and holding a sword point downward. It is from 1885. It states that it is a variation of his " Le Fer et Le Feu " ( the Fire and the Sword )

About Picault, the book states, " Over a fifty year career marked more by defeat than victory at the Paris salons, Picault worked tirelessly producing approximately one thousand exciting sculptures.
His choice of subjects was predominately male. Many extraordinary plaques and medallions have survived while only a handful of busts exist. Among his repeated themes were memorial monuments, famous men, blacksmiths, warriors, knights and musicians. these were often accompanied by inspiring inscriptions drawn from the Latin.
Some works were cast in as many as four sizes....Perhaps ten percent of his work was originally cast in white metal..."

This book has at over a dozen of his works illustrated, one of my favorites being the depiction of a 15th century knight called " Le Provocateur " which exhudes confidence and strength in the pose and well-modeled expression.

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