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Re: Might be buying a store

The insurance guy was very nice, we had a good chat and he had nothing negative or any "concerns" with the building. Looks like my policy will cover my sculptures and artifacts at home too since they are part of the same assets being insured at the building.

I wanted everything to look good before he arrived so he would have nothing to complain about. I was glad to be rid of all the old metal filing cabinets in the basement- a load I figure was probably 600# worth, plus a bunch of fluorescent lamps too, scrap guy hauled it all away for the steel.
I decided to clean the basement up good since there was a lot of grit, dust and sand where the file cabinets were stacked, I was amazed how many times I had to clean the shop vac filter and dump it, it took about 30# off the concrete floor worth of sand, grit, dust. Then I wet mopped the whole floor, having to change the water a dozen times.

I also pulled out the breakers for all disconnected/obsolete circuits.
With the basement nice and clean I painted the upstairs staircase, mopped and vacuumed the whole ground floor, and vacuumed all the heat/AC ducts and intakes which were full of sawdust and hopefully with all that done, it will eliminate the dust tracked around and up the stairs from walking in the basement.
I have had a good sized HEPA air filter on "high" running the last couple of weeks, and it's picked up quite a bit of dust on the prefilter.
The fluorescent lamps I took down all had a 1/4" layer of wood dust on top of them and the bulbs were coated with it too from the kitchen counter craftsman who had rented the place for about a year.

Looking good, with half the ceiling painted now, and half the floor that will get hardwood- sheeted with plywood.

I ordered 4 pieces of tin ceiling, 2 of them are just a ball peened texture 2'x4' and the other 2 pieces are a cornice that while it's not exactly the same design as the original, it looks pretty close, I need 6 sections of that to replace 4 missing pieces and 2 that have rust holes, but ordered 2 to see how they will work. The 4 pieces were only a little over $50 plus the UPS, certainly cheap enough to wind up with a restored ceiling.
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