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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

Originally Posted by Adelgander View Post
I admit, this situation is a little more difficult to produce work than it was when I had everything all in one place at school. But that is in no way an excuse to be idle, and you are all very correct in scolding me for that. Thank you!

It is more difficult. Absolutely! Sculptors have it hard but that's part of the challenge.
I always cringe when I hear about photographers and painters moan about their difficulties when it comes to materials and taking their work head-on.

Since you mentioned a MFA as a possibility, one common refrain I've heard while in contact with grad school committees is that they prefer to see how a prospective student contends with creating a body of work --outside--
of an academic environment, where facilities/materials are always within easy reach.

Hopefully, you're waist-deep in a newfound construction site dumpster!!!
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