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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

I work very hard!! That means in the studio, the foundry, and at marketing.
Probably equal on all three. I went to art school, struggled to pay my student loans, worked as a fishing guide for part of the year, then focused on doing good art the rest of the time. It took time(ten years), but eventually made the transition to full time artist! I am represented by 10 galleries across the country. I never gave up, never compromised my integrity, and most importantly, never listened to anyone that said I could not do it.
I have a folder full of rejection letters. To this day, I still nurture my relationships with galleries and collectors. They are the reason I get to do exactly what I want, everyday! It's a lifestyle, a passion, and a love. I would break the law to do it. And yes, I make money. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, but the bottom line is not in my bank account, but my soul.
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