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Re: Name that Art!

Merlion that "ribbon" is a 5000 lb nylon tow strap, aint getting cut 'cept by you hot wrench jockeys. "Dead Bolt" is a great name, Jingle Bolts has a happy Christmas ring to it and Seasonal Sentry really gets to the theme of the whole thing.

Good guess Rojellio on Bolt Action Bessy. Let me say a few fond words about our men in uniform. The cow bell came curtsy of the elite US Marine Embassy Guard Unit serving in Switzerland and proudly defending the American way of life. They were marauding at night, dead drunk, through the Swiss country side liberating bells from perfectly innocent sleeping cows, and generally terrorizing all forms of mammals, small and large. As I said, they were defending the American way of life.

underfoot what fun, Ill never be able to throw out old tools again, how about "Drill fish", or "Fish and Bits."

evaldart, really nice toe smasher, or is it an ankle slasher? How about "Rebowl", or "Rebar with Balls".
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