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Re: how does one create a proposal for public sculpture?

I've particapated in two, percent for art commission opportunities, I learned alot especially from the artist that were selected instead of me. The thing that you have to consider the most is the concept of a selection committy made up of artist but mostly not artist professionals that have busy lives and careers. To them, you're just another professional caught in a web of institutional intrigue. They weigh many factors that have nothing to do with your submitted purposal. They know little about art and to them it's all so subjective so they go with what they know, experience,status,resume,momentum. If you're Dale Chihuly or Albert Paley, you'll be selected, few questions asked, cause you're the man, you kick ass. If you're not and you are'nt, keep it no maintainance, girl freindly,within budget and within the scope of their expectations . What I learned that was hard to except initially is that I lost to the female vote. I make masculine art that appeals to guys, My competators suggested projects that matched the surrounding decor better in terms of color and content and that's what the ladies voted for. There's no way to know who'll be on the selection committy, or what their aesthetics will be so you might as well be true to yourself and purpose what's in your heart but in the end the character of the committy will assert itself through the vote and that's what the people will get. Public institutions hire numerous strong females who's oppinions count ( they're awesome ) so I'd consult with like minded folks before submitting a purposal. Maybe I'm expressing the warped opinion of a sore loser but it was'nt until I put on my wifes girl glasses that I could see why the winners work was indeed more appropriate than my own. I'm not making a judgement, just saying that a female administrators aesthetic opinion can be a real factor in a competion and that it is a little different than that of the old school all boys club. I went shoe shopping with my wife and daughter today and I still can't understand why they didn't select a pair of all leather, insulated, steel toed work boots. I'm hopeless.
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