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Re: how does one create a proposal for public sculpture?

There are many factors that will influence the cost, but it would probably start at about $300 for me to to scan a figure of that size. However, the scanner I use has limited resolution (captures about 1/16" detail on the original), which is fine when using the model for rough enlargements or creating reductions, but is not as good when making high resolution enlargements or 1 to 1 reproductions. Other scanning services can do higher resolution scans, but at a higher cost.

The cost of the CNC foam or 3d printing is the other factor. I don't do CNC routering, but instead use a digital/manual method for lower cost foam enlargements. I do offer 3d printing for smaller models (up to about 3') in a very resilient resin-modified plaster. For a 32" figure, it would likely cost around $1000 for the print (but could be significantly more or less depending on the particulars of the job).

The real advantage of scanning is about being able to create realistic images of the sculpture in the final material and at the site (including turn-table animations or fly-bys) for proposals, as well as use it for the rough enlargement later on. I'm set up to be optimized for maquettes of 12-24". Of course, the imaging and rendering costs are separate from the scanning, and that work is charged by the hour.

For those interested in trying out the process, but don't necessarily want to commit the money for an unknown result, I am open to "trial runs" that is for example, scan a model for free and give some preview of what can be done with it, and charge the customer only if the model is used. This of course would apply to first-time customers only.

Just Private Message me and let me know.

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