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Thank you for the feedback Jaz and your comments on both the site and the pieces.

We have had a few problems with the accessible design of the site that is causing it to display incorrectly in some browsers (we have discovered this in the new ff1.5) but It would be very helpful to know which browser you are using so we can address any others.

The pieces are massed produced and some of the pieces use generic designs to reduce costs making the pieces much more widely available to the mass market. I take your point that this removes some of the value that unique and limited edition works provides but these particular pieces are aimed at making art affordable. We are bring some limited edition pieces to the site early this year.

Some of the pieces are hand carved stone, produced by the artist and his team.
Introspection is one of those pieces

and some pieces are cast reconstituted stone. We ran with the reconstituted stone description for some time but this was fairly misunderstood by the site visitors and so we decided to drop it, using the generic stone description instead.

Thanks again for your feedback, I will pass it onto the artist.
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