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Sculpture under the radar?

Over the years I have had opportunities to mingle with painters, photographers and writers. Granted, all creative folks are individualistic to some degree, and we have to be, that's just the nature of finding that special place where thoughts and hands join to go to action...However, I couldn't help but notice that these other creatives established groups, collectives and associations among themselves. They meet, they organize exhibitions, events, approach institutions and bodies as a group, they make themselves visible, while the sculptors are scattered, working alone, not very much interested even in the other sculptors. How weird is that? Being on the outskirts, and fighting the fight in isolation doesn't exactly generate attention. Here in Ontario we have a sculptors' society but they don't play a very active role in raising awareness or advocating. I once approached a higher profile sculptor about us sculptors in the region getting together and do a show together. There is much talent and we could present to the public an interesting mix of local flavour in contemporary sculpture. I was told it was a great idea and that we should do it, unfortunately that was the end of the matter. Initial enthusiasm and then...nothing. At national level I have seen quite a few national competitions taking off during the last decade or so, in portrait painting and photography for example, with high profile sponsors joining in and significant prizes awarded. But nothing for sculpture! I feel that sculpture is doesn't get the attention it deserves and don't understand why. And if you think of it, some of the biggest art world players are sculptors! Just wondering, does anyone else noticing any of these in your area? What is your impression? I would be very interested in feedback and information on this topic. Thank you!
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