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Great Clay piece Raspero.

I still check this site every morning before sculpting for the day. I enjoy seeing both the abstract as well as the figurative work. When figurative or abstract is done well it is an uplift for my day. Usually don't comment on figurative since I am not well-versed in the intricasies of how the human body goes together ie. what proportion is the head to the overall body, etc. And unfortunately or fortunately figurative does not rev my engines as much as abstract.

One of the major reasons to taper down on my posts & interaction was the "edge" to many of the discussions. "Edge" being a polite way to say bordering on nasty. Some of these discussions seemed to be pointed at Scout & Joe. The worst & longest duration ones were pointed at GlennT in my opinion.

Most of the discussions usually seemed to revolve around proving that they could beat down or wither down the person being talked to. Don't know about anyone else, but did not want to comment on anything in those discussions so I would not have bile dumped on my head also.

I understand what is in it for the berater - they get to shout at someone with no consequences. But it is not much fun for the one being berated.
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