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3-d Sculpture Modeling Programs - Sculptris

Am looking to use Sculptris for presentation of ideas to clients of abstract sculptures see attached jpeg of sample sculpture to see what I am trying to do.

Am interested to make sure that when I carve a stone block that the design generated in Sculptris will closely approximate the size of the block. Want to make sure before I start promising a sculpture to a client from a design in Sculptris that it is doable in the real world. In addition, want to make sure that the design is actually carveable (can get my hands into all the tricky places to chisel & sand).

To make sure it is doable in the real world how do I put a template/ruler over the work area that approximates what the size of design I am dealing with is? For example, my next block to work on is a 24 x 24 x 36 tall block of stone to carve. The aspect ratio of the stone could be seen as 1:1:1.5. Or is there a ruler I could use that is set on the x, y, & z axis (analogous to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) to make sure that the fantastic design I come up with will fit within the parameters of the existing stone. Would hate to blithely start carving a design on a block of stone to find out it does not work & ruin a 2,000 lb block of stone. That would be about a $4,000 oops like to avoid those kind of mistakes.

Would like to get input to see if Sculptris would be the best software to use before investing a lot of time in a marginal venture. Sculptris has the right price, but will it work or can I get plug-ins to make it work?

Appreciate your input.
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