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Re: Anvil Repair Workshop

Saturday November 19th, Anvil Repair Workshop,

at Marshall Bienstock’s shop.

We will be starting the anvil repair workshop at 8AM. All are welcomed to attend and participate.

For $120 and some sweat labor you get your beat-up old anvil repaired with freshly welded, ground and polished edges. This is a workshop. Anvil owners are participants, usually meaning you will be assigned a task such as grinding, etc. Anvils missing chunks of the face badly swayed or otherwise abused can also be repaired, but will require more preparation, labor, and money on your part.

The workshop will take place at Marshall Bienstock's shop in Howell NJ. Prior registration is required so we can have the proper amount of supplies on hand - please provide the approximate size of your anvil. Pictures would help determine the amount of work required. NJBA has run a similar workshop on several occasion with tremendous results. (Open to members only, but anyone may join NJBA on the day of the event.)

Directions: Marshall’s Farm
Marshalls farm is at 663 Casino Drive, HowelI (Monmouth Co.). NJ. which is about 1/4 mile east of Route 9. Casino Dr. is a few miles north of 1-195. and a few miles south of Rte. 33. Either of these routes can be easily reached from the major north-south highways. including the Garden State Parkway. the NJ Turnpike. 1-195. Rt. 18 or Rt. 34.
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