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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

We should be more open-minded about our shared passion. I will never claim to know anything as absolutely as some here taut. That attitude is bravado at best. I love the “scribblers.” I respond to them and rely on them. Lets show them some love already!
I think in developing an artist (sort of like a science fair project?) that stimuli from many sources is essential as well, but unless you use that as a springboard to get them to think for themselves you're just cranking out cookie cutter artists. To develop their own voice that they believe in whole-heartedly is not bravado, it's survival.
It is also egocentric at best to suggest that a piece of art does not exist but as an artifact unless our pea-brains discover it. Yeah, perception blah blah, but outside of "activating artifact" being a nifty title for a course, it's pompous and arrogant to claim this land in the name of the queen of England to all the inhabitants who already live there. unless it's animatronic or a space machine.
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