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How do you approach Michelangelo?

Well I have been saving my money and vacation time for awhile and this Summer I will finally be going to the Summer Session in sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art. I will be there for a month.

One of the main reasons I am going to Florence is to study Michelangelo and unlock the mystery of his gestures. I read that Rodin spent time in Florence trying to do the same thing. Rodin said he never really had a master except for Michelangelo. He said slowly with time he began to understand. But I can't find anywhere where it saids what Rodin thought the secret was.

So I read all these books and I still have no idea how to approach the gestures of Michelangelo. I think if I can start to understand even a little, it will push me to the next level. Any ideas?

Thanks, Mark
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