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Re: 3 d sculptures

Hello Andrew

Thanks for your reply.
I do indeed feel as I stated above, let me say it again;

"In order that figurative sculpture somehow move forward into this new century, perhaps body-casting represents a way to further develop this art."

So long as the artist is using body casting in a new and original manner as Anthony Gormley has, for example, then we are moving figurative art forward.

Art leans towards originality, (as I see it) and in order to explore new ways either to present or to represent the figure an artist should be able to use any aesthetic or technical handling of the figure.

If you are using body casting in a new and original manner then it could be considered appropriate.

I would ask you if this is indeed the case in the use of body casting as you have experienced in the art world?

George Segal did his thing at that time, no one else had done it and thus it was valid.

Gormley has used body casting in a manner that is original... so if you can show me others that have used body casting in an original and aesthetically convincing manner, I will be delighted to see it.

Cheers Blake
Art that does not attempt the impossible is not performing its function. W.B. Yeats
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