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Re: 3 d sculptures

That's an interesting thread, from before my time here. You're right, many of the issues involved were pretty thoroughly explored there. It seems that at the time, your stance on the matter was closer to mine:

"Considering the place of figurative sculpture in terms of the development of art, one should admit that the “Classical representational” figure is done and the abstract figure has also pretty well been exhausted. In order that figurative sculpture somehow move forward into this new century, perhaps body-casting represents a way to further develop this art.
In terms of avant gardism post post modern figuration and giving consideration to the tendency in art today to include an obligation towards originality, an artist, in order to explore new ways either to present or to represent the figure requires that any restriction concerning the aesthetic or technical handling of the figure be forgiven. In this context the use of body casting could be considered both appropriate and necessary.
In order to move the art of figurative sculpture forward the old traditional sculptors like myself need to try to promote the new and daring use of the figure without bias as to the manner in which the art is constructed."

In the interim, though, you seem to have come around to Jason Gillespie's point of view. But everybody's entitled to their own opinions about art, and there's no reason they can't evolve (or regress) with time. Good luck with the scanning process, however you utilize it, and sure - do come visit me if you'd like to talk about it in more depth. But LA is about 500 miles to the south of where I am, so you might want to budget some extra time...

Andrew Werby
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