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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

It does a disservice to an aspiring artist to instruct them, at an impressionable age, that there are no standards. It is an uncaring laziness that is unwilling to teach the true worth of one's labors when applied with diligence, intelligence, heart, and strength of character to artistic efforts. It is a failure to pass on to the next generation the cumulative knowledge, wisdom, and experience of the masters of the past. GlennT

I know we come from different backgrounds in the art world but I hardly teach my students thtat there are no standards, we concentrate on the elements and principles of design, craft, visual expression, the message being conveyed, and in the beginning levels I dictate what materials they will be using for each project (metal, wood, bronze, found, or non traditional). I do encourage them to take risks, to push it to the limit, to use these tools to make art that embodies them, and their ideals. I have never been instructed in figurative art, and personally there isn't much of it that inspires me (to each their own), I am primarily a metal fabricator and mixed media artist, thats what I teach those are my strengths, if someone wants to learn figurative they will need to find someone else to teach them, I can't know everything. I am inspired by tom friedman, tara donovan, andrea zittel, toland grinnell, richard sera, and others... I appreciate a great figurative piece for its skill and craft but that is about as far as it goes for me, although ron mueck is killer, I like his substance that is integrated into his pieces.
its a big big world and everyone can find a niche, so make what you love and hope that someone else will love it too.
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