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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

Everybody's a critic.

Just have a show.
Doesnt matter if its at a "prestigious gallery", whatever the hell that is.

Find an empty storefront, find out who owns it, tell the owner that art shows will help make the neighborhood more desirable, and rents will go up, if he lets you have it for a month for fifty bucks.

Get 4 friends, put on a show.

Start a co-op gallery.

Make guerilla pieces, screw em onto abandoned buildings.

Take some pictures of the work you already made.
Put together a blurb book, 30 or 40 bucks, go down to Art Basel Miami this year, and show everybody who will stand still your book

Frank Zappa used to like to quote Edgar Varese, who said, "the present day composer refuses to die"- well, the present day artist just makes stuff, and shoves it out into the world.
Been There.
Got in Trouble for that.
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