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Smile Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

Originally Posted by Adelgander View Post
But to gear this toward a more constructive conversation, I would like to post my work page from my website. This is the type of work I made in my most recent series. I think it may be a bit removed from what would *sell*, but it is what I have a passion for. Being really mixed medium, having a lot of content beyond the visual aesthetic.

I like to think of my work as being a critical but 'helpful' allegory of certain aspects of society pertaining to government, politics, education, culture, etc. I have already had somewhat of a critique here on this work, but suggestions in the direction of how I could exhibit this sort of work would be really helpful.
I've thought a bit about what you've said here and it brings up some questions: You see yourself as a "critic" of sorts of society. I imagine that you think that your criticisms of the 'human condition' (our condition) are valuable (and they well may be) and that your artworks reflect those ideas. But why should anyone 'Pay' you to tell us how f**cked up we are? Who is it in this 'Artworld' who decrees that, "you are an artist who should be recognised above the others"?
I really don't know how this all works and those 'artists' who have 'made it bigtime' are certainly not posting here... I like the work of yours that i've seen and as far as I'm concerned you are right up there with anyone I've seen, but what do I know?
So...get some stuff together, have a show at a prestigious gallery, get a review in the Times that says you are best thing since the BLT, and you, my friend, will be on your merry, lucrative, way. I think it's as simple as that.

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