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Re: Too mach balanced too mach control

"One of the limitations of working Virtually is the difficulty in drawing on the physical intelligence your body has cultivated through creating works that exist independant of the mind. "

I was going to make this point but sculptorsam beat me to it and wrote it as well as I ever could. I would only add physical and mental.

In my own experience I have found the process of drawing something with paper and pencil to be the best way to learn about something. If you're looking at something and you want to figure it out, draw it. I have also found that by drawing something I get a much stronger memory of it embedded in my brain. This only helps later on. The computer can be used to bypass this mental excersize which means you can get work done without cultivating yourself at all.

I don't think anything has changed the programming adage "Garbage in, garbage out".

Any software comes with a built in set of assumptions made by the programmers and those assumptions may limit you without you even knowing what they are. In other words there are lots of strings attached when you use the computer. Besides, computers are about de-skilling labor and mass production. One theory I've heard about the booming 90's economy is that a massive increase in computer use increased worker productivity without adding employees.
- Mark G. Taber
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