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Re: Too mach balanced too mach control

Computers can be a great tool to create work. I find myself using image programs often for manipulating sketches/compositions and the grunt work of scaling up/down for final patterns. But they are just that, a tool. I think people can get a little too caught up in the Brave New Virtual World and miss it's limitations.

All tools have their limitations, it's the other side of the coin of their having an application. One of the limitations of working Virtually is the difficulty in drawing on the physical intelligence your body has cultivated through creating works that exist independant of the mind. The act of molding clay, bending steel, weilding a brush informs the body and the mind about the world. Perhaps this is why most digital work feels cold and sterile to me. There isn't enough dirt in them. Witness the vast inferiority of the new Star Wars movies to the first. How much more advanced is their creation, yet how vastly superior are the original model-based effects? This is one criticism I have of Gehry's building as well. The one I've been in is an absolutely terrible use of space (the Weisman Art Building at the UofM). It reminds me of the derogatory tone the word Engineer is spoken of at metal shops. Aside from pure prejudice, what these metal workers have tapped into is the disconnect between the plans and the Real World. And in my opinion, Great/Trancendant Art informs and alters how we see the world because it is born in the world.
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