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Re: Too mach balanced too mach control; Picasso

Originally Posted by ironman
Hi, ....... What the hell do you think cubism is, if not breaking new ground in realistic art and giving us a new way of seeing that got us out from under the domination of renaissance perspective!..........
Jeff - I think we have quite different definitions of “realism” in art. I’ll have to admit I looked on the Web many months ago for accepted common classifications in art, and found in general a lot of overlap and confusion. Categories are not clear or mutually exclusive, to be sure.

By “realism” I meant the way thing look to the average person with good vision. More or less, that is perspective as it was developed in painting during the Renaissance. Sculptors have the advantage of working in 3D and of viewing their work from many direction, so this classical perspective isn’t so central in sculpture.

Outside of his very early “realist” or naturalistic paintings, which I haven’t reviewed in many years, it seems to me everything he did came through a strong personal, or if you will, idiosyncratic, filter. And I don’t recall that those early paintings advanced the art of realism.
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