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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

I think at the root of this discussion, the importance/place of words relative to art is a difference in individuals in the way they apprehend the world. Some folks I've noticed need words. They need labels and nouns to make sense of things--first. If they can't name it they can't make sense of it. Example,an extreme case. My brother who is married to an English prof., has a happy marriage because they both see the world primarily through words. I sent him to my favorite museum of N.W native culture. He hated it, and said so at some length, because there were no descriptive/explanatory labels. I'm the opposite. I need no words. The aesthetic factors trump everything. My brother and his wife, highly educated that they are, don't "get" art, its creation and expression. She even asked me once to explain the Beatles. Sure they can talk at great lengths about deep readings in books and all the stuff prof.s make up to earn their pay, but they don't understand creativity and how art is made. Instead of Smith again,I'll go at it from the ideas put forth by Sir Herbert Read: "the image always precedes the idea in the development of human consciousness." " The mind's growth is its expanding area of consciousness, and that area is made good, realized, and presented in enduring images, by a formative activity that is essentially aesthetic." Add equal amounts of Sir Herbert Read, Smith, Picasso, Eastern psychology and you'll "understand" half of where I come from. The important half though, is purely non verbal.
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