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Re: Should visual artists be paid for exhibitions?

I participate in an annual and local artisans exhibition as a wood carver. They always ask how many tables/plug-ins & chairs I need. Besides display, they ask that we bring work to do. . . . . that's easy.
Over the years, I've dumbed it down to hand work. The mallet and gouge thing is noisy and messy but I've done that, too. 2" x 3" x 3/4" pieces popping off in all directions. I can't drop my tools fast enough to catch a chunk as it comes down.

Then, much to my surprise, the committee comes around and hands out money to each of us for the effort. Maybe that comes about as the exhibition is set up by an "Arts Council." I'd do it for free, I'd stay home if I had to buy a stall in the barn.
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