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Question Question about residencies.

I've given it a lot of thought, and since I could really use some uninterrupted studio time. Due to a tight budget, I can't really open up a studio of my own when I move to a new place in a few months. Traveling from residency to residency seems like a good way for me to experiment and learn a lot. My question is, aside from the obvious benefit of having a roof over my head and a properly equipped studio to work in, how else could a residency benefit me?

Do you actually build strong connections to galleries and the art world? I have almost zero now. I know only a couple artists outside of Korea where I've been living the last few years, and only talk to one gallery back in the States. It's more of a dealer than an actual exhibiting gallery. Also, does getting one residency help set you up for future ones? I'm looking for ones in France mostly since my girlfriend is about to start university there, but I don't mind using it as home-base and traveling to other places for residencies from one month to one year.
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