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LaurenH 06-25-2008 12:23 PM

Discount on a new publication for artists!
Hey everyone,

I was contacted by Linda about this discount offer for ISC members on a new magazine for artists. This sort of discount will be included in our new Resource Directory in the next month or so, along with other discounts on services, supplies, etc., but I'm passing it along to the forum members early:


From the creators of Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air magazines:
Artist Advocate Magazine
A new publication for artists designed to help gain gallery representation. The premier issue will be launched August 28. The space reservation deadline is August 1 and materials are due August 5. Please visit to learn details. As an ISC member you may take an additional 10% off of the rates!

Please contact for more information
Linda Osborne
National Advertising Director or
281 240 7460

marblecutter 07-05-2008 10:07 AM

Re: Discount on a new publication for artists!
".We will put your artwork
in front of more galleries than you can on your own and we will reach galleries
you never new exhisted who might be perfect for your work."

(quote from the Artist Advocate site)

Blacksun 10-16-2008 11:46 PM

Re: Discount on a new publication for artists!
"Gallery representatives have expressed a need for to review all artists’works in one easily accessible location"

"...a need for to..." :rolleyes:

Quoted from the Magazines site....:D

sculptor 10-17-2008 10:22 AM

Re: Discount on a new publication for artists!

does one really want to be in a magazine published by illiterates?

years ago i sent Les Krantz(sp?) some pix and $700 to be included in his encyclopedia of living american artists
at that time good whiskey was only $7/bottle
that one was forsure a scam
and to think
I could have had 6-7 years worth of whiskey instead of a ream job
another 350 lbs of oil clay
if advocates do not research their recommendations for "resources"
their reputations suffer

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