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tonofelephant 08-31-2013 07:29 PM

Andrew Werby need your help
Looking for a 3d modeling software that I can show better presentation models of potential sculptures to clients. Have tried Sculptris & was underwhelmed. Also tried 3d Coat & my computer kept crashing & their tutorials did not match up with their product.

Here is my current system: Gateway DX4300-03 running windows 7, w/ 8 GB ram, AMD Phenom X$9750 quad-core processor with 1TB HDD & an exterior SSD 3TB.

The software I am looking for should sell for $750 or less hopefully & have a 15-30 day free trial for a test drive. Should also import & export in all the normal formats & none that are only proprietary. Would also love it to have some sort of measurement system - ruler/aspect ratio etc. Finally, would love for it to be able to be non-cloud & run on 2 computers. Can & will compromise for a good product.

Thanks for any suggestion that you could make. Am drowning in computer specs & trying to get out a couple of ideas to a client.


Andrew Werby 09-01-2013 02:50 PM

Re: Andrew Werby need your help
Have you looked at Z-brush? The price is in your budget and it should run okay on your system. The interface is a bit different from most software (it's French) but once you get past that, it's a very powerful program, which a lot of people are using effectively. There's no free trial, but take a look at some of the tutorial videos in the "Z-classroom homeroom": to get a feel for it. I'd say give yourself a chance to get into it, though, before trying to use it for a real presentation.

Andrew Werby

tonofelephant 09-02-2013 07:09 AM

Re: Andrew Werby need your help
Thanks Andrew.

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