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icreate 12-12-2015 04:26 PM

Book on 3D Technology in Fine Art
I want to thank those who have helped over the years.

My new book, 3D Technology In Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling features 80 artists and vendors from around the world and discusses their processes of incorporating traditional sculpture and new and intriguing digital technologies. The book has been requested by the Amon Carter Museum and recently accepted into the Albright-Knox Art Gallery collection.

My book came out in November and has had such a warm reception by those in the fine arts as well as those in technology. Many 5 start reviews on Amazon.

I'm having a great time traveling around to universities and talking about the technology and I am thrilled that the universities are using the book in education and that the fine art museums are adding it to their libraries.

Along with the book there is a book website with podcasts and resources

and a page that I created on linked in. and facebook

The National Sculpture Society presented a panel this year. I was delighted to sit on this panel and discuss “Hand vs. Computer.”

Along with historical mages from the Amon Carter Museum’s Remington’s, there are pictures of Elisabet Ney’s work and the Digital Michelangelo Project. The work contemporary work featured in the book is from such notables as Barry X Ball, Robert Lazzarini, Bruce Beasley, Gil Bruvel, Sophie Kahn, Erwin Hauer and many more.

Museums all over the world are embracing the creation of data files. The book’s scanning chapter covers the digital preservation of historical artifacts. The scanning chapter also focuses on how the pointing up processes has changed over the years and how artists are embracing the introduction of digital scanning and photogrammetry for data capture and digital technology for enlargements.

The mix of art and technology is global. The book focuses on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) robotic arm used in the digital stone project in Garfagnana Innovazione- Tuscany, the artwork of Estudio Durero in Spain and the work of Factum Arte in Madrid. The importance of preservation of artifacts such as the Buddhas of Bamiyan, Mes Aynak in Afghanistan, and CyArk 500 challenge of digitally preserving 500 heritage sites from around the world, displays the world of influence in combination of art and technology.

Even the lost wax method of bronze casting that has been around since the bronze -age is changing because of this technology. The book walks the reader through the process of bronze casting and explores the many ways digital technology is infiltrating this process.

I’m pleased to have used my monumental bronze sculpture of the Grambling University Tiger as an example of the possibilities of incorporating and mixing digital and traditional processes in my practice. It is exciting that my newest commission of the monumental sculpture of the Mad Hatter Tea party, that is receiving worldwide attention, offers a new and “curious” way to present material that is already in the book.

Thanks for the assistance on the forum and if anyone is looking for a great Christmas Gift this may just be the thing. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all through fine art and technology

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